Our Beers

We offer 6 core beers, 7 if you include our latest lager Toco Loco. Most of our beers have a little twist, like Jalapenos or Chaga mushrooms, but there always subtle with an amazing finish. We believe we have by far the widest variety of beers in Vermont. Vermont has a high standard when it comes to craft beer and we think we live up to it. Please drop by and give us your take.

Pub Menu

Not to be forgotten, we actually have a very tasty simple inexpensive pub menu. While we don’t have a full kitchen, we do offer a pretty wide variety of hot sandwiches including Panini’s, Toasted Hoagies, Grilled Burrito’s & Wraps. With everything priced under $7.50, you’ll have plenty in your budget for a Jumbo Pickle or Soft Pretzil.

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